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Teacher of the Year

2023 - Lorrie Brown, classroom Teacher

2023 Teacher of the Year, Lorrie Brown
Introduction from Board Meeting:

Teaching the District’s youngest students takes passion, skill and lots and lots of energy. Teaching the District’s youngest students for 25 years takes a person with almost superhero capabilities. Tonight’s Teacher of the Year recipient has not only taught Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten and TK/K combo classes for her career, she has lead the District’s teachers in doing so with innovation, creativity and an ability to keep ahead of the ever changing needs of young students as they enter our schools.


For years, this teacher has done more than just create a welcoming educational setting that ensures students have the foundations of reading, writing and the CA State Standards. She has done more than take students who often have lacked any formal school setting and taught them to be students; to share, care for others and be a productive member of a learning community. She has done more than advocate for her student’s needs and integrate technology and other creative learning tools into each and every day. As you know, a Teacher of Year has to do more than just have an incredible classroom, they have to have a profound impact on their colleagues, the District or our community… they must go “above and beyond.”


The 2022-23 Teacher of the Year does this by being a District instructional leader, an innovator, a mentor. She has served on just about every committee, every adoption, every group representing our TK/K classrooms and staff districtwide. In times when there was a lack of established curriculum and materials for our youngest learners, she has led her colleagues in developing it and implementing it. She has read, research, experimented and continued to refine her practice, not only to ensure her classroom was exceptional, but to share so other classrooms can be the same.


Her colleagues, both at her school and districtwide, all sing her praises and state how instrumental she has been to the TK/K program at all our sites. I had the opportunity to work with this teacher for 6 years when I was principal at Oakmont. I got to see firsthand all that I have shared tonight and all the reasons the committee chose this teacher. She is passionate and we had many a conversation in my office, her classroom or around the school where she insisted on the best for her students and all students in our youngest classrooms. She worked hard and late, weekends and breaks and shared her developed resources with all. I also had the privilege of having my sons in her classroom and they still talk every now and then about being, “froggies.”


Claremont’s 2022-2023 Teacher of the Year began their teaching career with Claremont Unified School District 25 years ago as a classroom teacher and is currently at Oakmont Elementary School.


It is with great pleasure I present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Wilson and the staff and the community, the 2022-2023 Claremont Unified School District’s Teacher of the Year – Lorrie Brown.

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