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Professional Development

Educational Technology provides all faculty and staff with on-demand, relevant and ongoing professional development. Major offerings include iPad cohorts and Canvas, but other trainings matched to faculty and staff needs, such as Google Drive for Office Managers or School Nurses, are available by request.

iPad Professional Development

To support CUSD's mobile learning initiative, Educational Services provides classroom teachers with extensive professional development to match powerful technology tools with proven instructional strategies to teach California Standards.  

Teachers participate in cohorts differentiated by the teachers' experience with iPad in the classroom and grade level or content area. Each year, the cohorts vary based upon teacher needs. 

Cohort-based Professional Development is a comprehensive multi-touch iBook detailing CUSD's iPad professional development and can be downloaded from the iBookstore

Cohort-Based PD

Canvas Professional Development

The CUSD Learning Management Selection Committee chose Canvas and Google Classroom. Teachers are welcomed to use Google Classroom while CUSD actively trains on Canvas and using Canvas to support professional collaboration.

Canvas training opportunities include:

  • Early Adopter Summer Workshops
  • Fall and Spring Release Days
  • Canvas Training Embedded in Level 1 and 2 iPad Cohorts
  • "Canvas Challenge" Introductory Course
  • On-demand webinars and tutorials 
  • Moodle Migration Guides and Tutorials
  • Southern California Canvas Users Conference
  • Districtwide Professional Development Day Sessions
  • On-demand email support

Districtwide Professional Development Days

During districtwide professional development days, teachers choose from a variety of technology-rich sessions, such as:

  • Administering Illuminate Benchmarks
  • iReady
  • Introduction to Canvas
  • Migrating from Moodle to Canvas
  • Canvas Speedgrader
  • Google Drive for Beginners
  • Google Drive for the Collaborative Educator
  • Google Forms
  • Remind
  • Thinking Maps with Inspiration
  • Apps to "Tech" Common Core Writing
  • Green Screen in the classroom
  • Differentiated Math Instruction with Think Central
  • Book Creator
  • The One iPad Classroom
  • App Smashing with Chatterkids, Green Screen and iMovie
  • Infographics
  • Modeling Math with iPad
  • Using Appropriate Digital Tools Strategically 
  • Explain Anything with Explain Everything
  • Maker Space