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Elementary PE Program

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The Elementary PE Staff is looking to maintain many of the procedures that have been effective in the past along with incorporating new games and activities.  Our goal is to have all students actively participating during every class period.  

We will be completing fitness assessments at the beginning of the year to be able to set goals and monitor growth for the year.  We will introduce the strategy of setting goals and establishing a fitness plan to meet those goals.  We will have “Personal Best Days” (PBD) to track the growth over the course of the school year.  It is essential that students wear the proper clothing and footwear for P.E.  Please assist us by reminding your child(ren) that tennis shoes are required on P.E. days . 

Healthy choices and a lifelong commitment to fitness will continue to be a major focus of the program.  Experts recommend children receive at least 60 minutes of physical activity each and every day. Please help your child meet these recommendations by helping them to seek opportunities to be active outside of school.  We will be sending home a “Balance Your Fitness” log for children to track their activities at home.  These will NOT be turned in, but will be for them to “self-assess” their progress.  At the beginning of each new unit, we will post on the district website a SPARK Home Play which corresponds to the unit of instruction. Put the Home Play on your refrigerator and prompt your child to do the suggested activities throughout the month.  There will also be a family strength training attachment called “Power Up in 10” to encourage families to exercise together. 

What PE is ….

  • PE is a class, like social studies or math.  We expect your behavior to be the same in PE as in your classroom
  • PE is organized instruction to help improve the fitness and skills of everyone.  Most of all it is active and fun!
  • PE will be graded

   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the PE staff via e-mail.  Our office phone # is 909-398-0609 Ext. 70230.  We look forward to a fun year!

Thank you


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PE Contacts

Elementary Physical Education Staff

Alejandro Ramos

Anthony Fontana              (Mountain View Only)

Office Phone: 

909-398-0609 Ext. 70230

PE Resources

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