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Employee Health and Welfare Benefits


New for 2019:

Certificated Staff Changes:

Starting in January, 2019, any certificated staff member will be able to decline the contractual medical insurance requirement. If you want to decline medical coverage (previously required for member only),  fill out a short form below (the form will only be required once and you will be able to select "continue to decline" in future enrollments, if you so choose). If you decline benefits, your current medical coverage will cease on Dec 30, 2018.

Classified Staff Changes:

Starting in January, 2019, classified staff who work 34 or more hours per week (0.85 FTE) will qualify for full time medical benefits (thus eliminating the payment of a pro-rata share of premium cost) and will just pay the employee contribution of $145 tenthly if selecting single party medical insurance. Staff who work 30 hours per week to 33.99 hours per week (0.75 FTE to 0.84 FTE) will now be able to pay a flat rate of $200 tenthly for single party medical insurance (also eliminating the payment of a pro-rata share of premium cost). Medical plans that include the addition of a spouse or family will remain as in the past which included a pro-rata share of the premium, plus a pro-rata share of the employee out-of-pocket contribution. As in the past, part-time employees may also purchase Dental and Vision for an additional cost.

If you have questions regarding benefits, please contact Paola Barrios at 909-398-0617 or

Benefits Information

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NOTE: Many of the documents below are dated for 2018. Please know that information on these documents remains current for 2019 due to no plan or payment changes.


Kaiser Permanente HMO (

United Healthcare HMO (

United Healthcare PPO (

Dental Care (Delta Dental)

Chiropractic & Acupuncture Services

Note: Optum Health is the primary benefit for both providers. With either plan, you can access these services without a referral from your primary doctor. If a Kaiser member uses the Kaiser Pain Management Clinic, that physician may refer the member for chiropractic and/or acupuncture care through a Kaiser provider.


Out of Area Dependent