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District Advisory Committee on Racial Equity

hands together


Student Representatives
Ryan Neal and Payton Scott

Certificated and Classified
Nicki Mitchell, Marissa Patterson, Leslie Wallace, and Rosa Leong

Administrative Representatives
Rria Cruz-Soto,
Dr. Sean Delgado, and
Dr. Brett O'Connor

Parents/Community Members
Annemarie Cortez, Hugo Gutierrez, Dr. Eric Alexander Hurley, Dr. Barbara Junisbai,
Dr. Frances Kellar, and
Rolondo Talbott

The following Board members and District-level  administrators have been appointed as liaisons to provide support and resources to the Committee but will not serve as committee members:

David Nemer, Nancy Treser Osgood, Dr. Julie Olesniewicz, and 
Dr. Natalie Taylor

Facilitated by Nicole Anderson and Associates, LLC

Nicole Anderson and Dr. Shelley Holt


The Committee will provide input and recommendations to District leadership and the Board of Education to inform decisions that impact historically marginalized students and stakeholders.

Content awareness outcomes include:

  • Understanding the historical impact and purpose of public education
  • Reflecting on the role of educators in interrupting inequities in schools
  • Making connections to concepts of racial equity and our work in the District
  • Collaborating, planning, and applying strategies for systemic change
  • Building capacity and trust of the team to lead the District work with an equity lens.

Key outcomes for the year include:

  • Evolve and align the current definition of equity across the District
  • Collaboratively develop a racial equity impact plan in alignment with the LCAP to systematically address racial equity gaps in the District
  • Examine and evaluate the district and police department’s partnership
  • Collect and review qualitative and quantitative data


  • The Committee will provide a safe space for collaboration and diving deeper into strategic planning for equity with a systemic lens.
  • The Committee will consider student equity and access to a quality education across the District.
  • The Committee’s role is advisory to the CUSD Board of Education. The Board will have the final decision regarding the Committee’s recommendations.


The Committee membership will include at minimum:

  • (2) Student representatives
  • (4) CUSD faculty and staff representing elementary, intermediate, and high school levels
  • (3) CUSD administrators representing elementary, intermediate, and high school levels
  • (3) CUSD parents representing elementary, intermediate, and high school levels
  • (3) Representatives from the Claremont community and from a range of demographic backgrounds

Per past practice, Board members and district level administrators will be appointed as liaisons to provide support and resources to the Committee but will not serve as committee members.

DAC Recommendations

The DAC presented recommendations to the Board on September 14, 2021 for information only. Below is the report and the presentation that was presented.

September 14, 2021 Presentation to the Board

DAC Equity Impact Action Plan

DAC Update:  April 28, 2021

The DAC spent the first part of the 2020-21 school year on professional development of building a common foundation and common language to guide the work of the racial equity committee. Starting in February and continuing to the present, committee members have been assigned to subcommittees focused on creating equity action plans to guide the recommendations to the Board of Education. The three subcommittees including Academic Achievement, School Climate/Safety, and Staffing/Professional Development are reviewing data, researching inequities in CUSD, and developing recommendations for the Board.

Meeting Dates and Minutes

All DAC meetings will be held virtually from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.   If you would like to submit a written comment to the committee at the next scheduled meeting, you can submit below no later than 24 hours prior to the meeting.

Meeting Presentations

resources DAC has explored