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Zoom Log In: 

  1. Using your iPad, click on the Canvas app. If you are using a computer, go to  

  2. Use your username and password that was given to you on materials pick-up day (your Google log-in).

  3. Once in Canvas, you should see your class (look for your teacher’s name and 2020-2021) 

  • If you do not see your class, click “courses” on the left-hand side 

  • Then click “All Courses” down at the bottom  

  • From “All Courses” you should be able to find your class. Be sure to “favorite it” by clicking the star next to it.  

    4. Click on your class. 

    5.  Once in, find the “Zoom”  button on the left side of the vertical navigation bar. 

   6.  Click on “Zoom”. 

   7.  Click “Join” at the meeting for your class. 

Technology Trouble Shooting



  • What apps do we need to download?:
    • Make sure you have Zoom and Canvas
    • Ask your teacher at Back to School night which apps they will be using. All district apps are in the self service portal.
  •  I don't know my account information:
    • You should have been picked up a password sheet when you picked up your materials from the school.  If you did not, your school should still have your password sheet.
  • If you are confused because when you log into Canvas, it takes you to a google log in:
    • Canvas authenticates using your CUSD Google username and password (which is the same as your email and password)
  • If you can log into Parent connect, but not into Canvas
    • We are currently updating the parent passwords in Canvas to reflect the passwords in parent connect. 
  • If you need Google apps (or others are not on their iPads)
  • If you get a 403 error when logging into Canvas
    • Log out of your personal google account on your browser, then log into Canvas with your CUSD account

Password Issues

f this is a password issue, email us at  Please put "Password Reset Request" as the subject of the email.

Proxy Authentication

If you are experiencing the proxy authentication pop-up, please click on this link for instructions on how to resolve it: Proxy Authentication

How to Download an App

How I connect to wifi?

1.  Tap the Settings icon.

2.  Tap Wifi.

3.  Confirm that Wifi is set to ON.

4.  Choose the network from the list provided.

5.  Enter the password for the network if prompted.

6.  Tap on to automatically join networks your iPad has joined previously.  If it detects a network it doesn't recognize, it will ask you before it automatically joins the network.

7.  Tap the Home button to return to your iPad home page.