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Classified Staff Member of the Year

Maggie Domico, Clerical Assistant III

Maggie Domico, Classified Employee of the Year
Educational Services Department
Hire Date: 9/19/05
Years of Service: 13
Introduction from Board Meeting

As I have shared with you before, there are many hardworking and dedicated members of the CUSD family who work “behind the scenes” ensuring our students success. Although these family members don’t always have an active role with students, their work is critical to the experience students have in CUSD. We have honored a few of these family members with this distinction before. Their excellence and error free work ensure our sites are well supported and have the data, materials and processes they need to support our students. I think those outside of this building can often forget the business side of this organization and all the clerical, technical, compliance, and data pieces of the work that is done for a school district to run. They may often forget the communication with the county and the state regarding mandates, yearly requirements and information that must be submitted. They often forget the stress of deadlines, late notice from the county and state, changes in processes that dramatically impact the daily work of our staff. We often highlight those in with the “spotlight” positions whose impact on students is more easily seen and more easily recognized. We are proud tonight to highlight a CUSD family member whose work on critical projects and with vital processes ensures our students and staff have what they need to shine. All this work is done so seamlessly, it is often not noticed by our students and our community.


Tonight’s recipient has been noticed by colleagues as being “the friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the phone assisting staff and parents with questions and concerns.” This person has a key role in scheduling, communicating and organizing a whole host of responsibilities and various committees and structures in our Education Services Department. This person has to research complicated county, state and federal mandates and processes and implement them for CUSD. As you know, with our diverse schools and decentralized structure, this is quite a job. Not only does she exceed in these technical aspects of work, those that work with her talk about her passion for our students. Her advocacy for all our student groups but sitting on various stakeholder groups is very clear. She understands teaching and learning and how our students benefit from the services and programs CUSD provides. Her input into these groups has been invaluable over the years.


As you know, in addition to being the highest caliber of employee, the Classified Staff Member of the Year must have a commitment to service of the community. Tonight’s recipient also shines in this area. For years, she has been dedicated to the support of a special population. Her involvement with the Guide Dogs of America has benefited countless members of this community and communities far and wide. Her commitment and dedication to her breeder dogs and to raising new litters of potential guide dogs and to the support and countless hours of volunteering for the organization is not only her passion, but a further example of this outstanding member of our society. Many of those dogs have been members of the CUSD family for periods of time, gaining exposure to the office setting and socialization in public buildings right here in CUSD. For many of us, me included, their presence has seemed to further the mission of CUSD and been a visual demonstration of the compassion, care and dedication to others that so many members of the CUSD family embody.


Claremont’s 2018-2019 Classified Staff Member of the Year began her career with CUSD in 2005 in the home she is currently in, the Educational Services Department. She is a Clerical Assistant III, but as you have seen, that title does not adequately convey the impact of her work.


Also, it is important to note, that she was selected for this honor and since being chosen submitted for her retirement at the end of this year. It is customary for a member to be an active employee during the year they are selected for this recognition. However, the Selection Committee and CSEA leadership unanimously agreed that the quality of this member outweighed this requirement and granted this honor happily for her to serve in retirement.


So, it is with great pleasure I present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Elsasser and the staff and the community, the 2018-2019 Claremont Unified School District’s Classified Staff Member of the Year – Maggie Domico.


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