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Classified Staff Member of the Year

Silviano Arciga, Irrigation Specialist

Silviano Arciga.jpg
CUSD Service Center
Hire Date: 3/27/1998
Years of Service: 18



When the former Classified Staff Members of the Year met to select this year’s recipient, there was great discussion and passionate debate over candidates. This was due to the exceptional group of classified staff members recommended.  However, what has emerged as the qualifying characteristic for this honor, is what does the candidate does to go beyond being outstanding at their work? Simply being exceptional… the best of the best… is not good enough for this honor. What differentiates the recipients of the Classified Staff Member of the Year is consistent service, volunteering and passion to support Claremont Students and the goals set by this Board above and beyond their work day. Tonight’s recipient fits perfectly into this distinguished group.


To say this recipient is a model employee is a modest accolade. With humility, compassion and dedication, this employee works all day to ensure students have the best environment to learn in. He is always the first to say “yes,” to make it happen, and to do so with a smile. He checks in with all he serves, to ensure there is no need he is not meeting and he suggests work to make the environment better. This employee does not work directly with students, but the students are first and foremost in everything he does.

In addition to this work, this employee has volunteered countless hours in support of our school gardens and district wide sustainability projects. Staying after his work hours and volunteering on weekends is normal practice, His work has resulted in all of our schools making great strides in installing beautiful, sustainable ornamental or nutritional gardens. As you know, when a school engages in these projects, many constituents and volunteers are often involved. Their passion and desires, mixed with staff direction can often create a difficult environment for productive work. This employee is exceptional at working with constituents, volunteers and the many voices that want input and ensuring the result is the best for the project, best for students and that the project seamlessly fits into CUSD’s and State requirements, saving resources and being cost effective.


Tonight’s recipient is also a very natural teacher and when he works frequently with students and staff, his natural ability to quietly and calmly inform and instruct, model what needs to be done and support with a gentle hand and encouraging words is amazing. Students learn from every interaction with adults on our campus. We are proud that our students have access to this model employee and either by seeing him working around campus, interacting with him quickly as they ask what he is doing, or working side-by-side with him on installing drip irrigation for their biome garden, they are benefiting from being respected, learning about work and systems that benefit them and being valued by having beautiful surroundings.


Claremont’s 2016-2017 Classified Staff Member of the Year began with Claremont Unified School District as a Ground Maintenance Worker. During his 18 years with CUSD, he has received the Spotlight on Excellence in December of 2000 and was a previous CSMOY Nominee. He currently is the CUSD Irrigation Specialist.


His colleagues nominated him for going above and beyond with a great work ethic and attitude. To quote one of his recommendations, “He is always trying to find ways to save money, save water and make every school site beautiful. He has a passion for volunteering his time to work with students, staff and the community and is an outstanding example of the CUSD family.” It is with great pleasure we present to you, the Board of Education, Dr. Elsasser and the staff and the community, the 2016-2017 Claremont Unified School District’s Classified Staff Member of the Year – Silviano Arciga.

Former Staff Members of the Year

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